Land of Bones

A land of death, where little grows or would care to.

Most living beings shun this region, occupied as it is by the walking dead, who are in turn ruled by the most ancient of vampires – [[:Retep Yenoom]]

An uneasy peace has been brokered between these lands & Icathia by the current Magos-King, due to an intruiging trade agreement. The Icathian scholars have learned that without the limitations of a living body, those sentient undead who have retained arcane knowledge are capable of crafting items of phenomenal power.

The dead are also capable of working the Deep Mines, unhindered by the poisonous gasses, or a need for food, light or air.

In return for these items & rare ore, Icathia now provides them a steady stream of slaves, as well as select knowledge from their libraries. This knowledge has allowed the undead residents to shroud their land in perpetual darkness.

Land of Bones

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