General Summary


Situated beyond the Hidden Mountains, this magocracy occupies the majority of the continents landmass. In title ruled by Cyrus the Magos-King from Archaenopolis, his authority is sometimes contested by the [[:Queen of Flame]], servant of Eternal Talia.

Several centuries ago its reach stretched all the way to the continents Southern tip. When the City of Brass fell to Efreeti deception however, much of those sands were lost to their control and remain contested.

Bordered to the West by the Land of Bones, the North blocked by the Hidden Mountains and the East by the Hollow Seas; they rely on their sea-trade to bring in anything they cannot self-source.

Humans are the principal race in Icathia and occupy most of the positions of authority.

Dwarves native to the sands are almost universally a slave race, their lone city having been conquered decades ago.

Elves are viewed with much distrust, as they live in remote, hidden oasis in the deserts, keeping what little green there is alive. Rumours & tales abound in taverns of elven raiders attacking merchant caravans for supplies.

General Summary

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