Icathian sands

NRFT pre-planning

So I found ‘Bastion of Broken Souls’, a campaign book for 18th level characters and was intruiged. Having mostly ran low level games, for the fun of hounding players with kobolds, it should be an entertaining variant.

Especially so as Acrola, Watchfull tooth of Ashardalon has already appeared in a previous campaign. Foreshadowinig joy!

As it is such a high level game however, to provide the neccessary depth to the world the characters will be in, I knew I would need to do much writing beforehand, to set the scene. Its also a handy way of expanding my own world should it be used again.

Fortunately, there is plenty of time before the campaign itself is ran, as we have to become space pirates first. With luck, the players can get their characters designed, approved & uploaded, while I provide scenery & history.



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